60 second interview

What is your best quality?
Unfailing modesty and charm...seriously, I like to think I have a decent sense of humour

Where does the name "Kwasi" come from?
It's a name given to boys born on Sundays in parts of Ghana. I was born on a Monday.

Why Conservative?
I believe that people should be allowed to work hard and save their money. I think in modern Britain, too many people expect something for nothing.

Favourite Actor?
Robert De Niro

Political hero?
Winston Churchill. A maverick, a statesman, a man of massive energy and courage.

Married or single?
Still single I'm afraid.

Favourite Film?
Some Like It Hot

Favourite Holiday destination?

What are the big challenges facing Spelthorne?
I think the borough has massive potential, I hope Heathrow can keep its place as a world class airport.

Who has had most influence on your life?
Honestly, my parents.

We hear you went to Eton? How posh are you?
Not very. I went on a full scholarship. There were many people far grander than me.

You were a series winner on University Challenge at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995. How was Jeremy Paxman?
Very scary. He is like that in real life.