Is the “UK Settlement” an EU Fresh Start?

Statement from supporters of the Fresh Start Project.It is widely accepted that the EU requires fundamental reform. Such reform is necessary, not only to realign the EU project with UK interests and public opinion, but also to show that it can adapt to new times and work better for Europe as a whole.This is why we initiated the Fresh Start Project in 2011.

ISIL in Syria - debate

Kwasi Kwarteng MP's contribution to the Parliamentary debate on the proposed action against ISIL in Syria Hansard 2/12/2015

1981 - Troubled times that forged the Iron Lady

It’s difficult to remember how surprising it was for the Conservatives to elect a woman leader in 1975. Throughout her period as Leader of the Opposition, Thatcher was mocked as a slightly absurd figure. Kwasi Kwarteng in the Yorkshire Post 7/10/2015

Thatcher's turning point year

On Saturday 3 October at Beverley Literature Festival, Guardian editor Ed Asquith will be interviewing Conservative MP and historian Kwasi Kwarteng, to find out more about the significance of 1981 for Margaret Thatcher’s leadership of both the Conservatives and the country. Beverley Guardian 28/9/2015

The alternative to el-Sisi in Egypt is worse than a nightmare

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to attend, with a number of parliamentary colleagues, the opening of the new Suez canal in Ismailiyah.The event was striking in its confidence, and the strident way in which General el-Sisi’s regime projected Egyptian nationhood.ConservativeHome 26/8/2015