Heathrow: Stanwell Moor campaign to be included in compensation

Heathrow Airport expansion: Stanwell Moor residents' campaign for inclusion into compensation scheme backed by Spelthorne MP

Residents of a Spelthorne village say it's "completely unfair" it has not been included in Heathrow Airport's property compensation scheme.

Residents of Stanwell Moor have set up a campaign called Sell to Heathrow, demanding they are included in the airport's Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ).

Jim McIlroy, who set up the Sell to Heathrow campaign, says despite the group are not against the Heathrow expansion.

"I must stress that we are not anti-Heathrow, or anti-expansion," he said.

"In fact, to some extent we embrace it as many of our residents earn their livings from Heathrow.

"However, it is completely unfair that other local areas such as Cranford Cross, Brands Hill and Harlington are included in the WPOZ, whereas Stanwell Moor, which is directly under an existing runway and is hugely affected, is ignored."

Under the current proposals, the airport boundary would extend to 100 metres from the edge of the village.

Under the proposals , offices, multi-storey car parks and the new Immigration Removal Centre could be built just outside the village.

The campaign has won the backing the Kwasi Kwarteng , MP for Spelthorne, who has written to Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye lobbying for Stanwell Moor's inclusion in the WPOZ.

Speaking to Get Surrey, Mr Kwarteng said: "What we want is to make sure that residents are well supported because there's been so much uncertainty about it. People in Stanwell Moor have been living with this thing for 10 years and longer, and I think they need a fair deal.

"I think this is one way that we can get them a fair deal. I think they've got a really strong case. Hopefully we can something sorted out."


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