Kwasi Kwarteng selected for Spelthorne

He inherits David Wilshire's projected Tory majority of 9,936.

His recent articles for ConHome can be read here.

Commiserations to Philippa Broom, who he beat in the final round of voting by 222 votes to 179.

Tim Montgomerie

Sunday update:

We have uploaded this video of snippets of Kwasi's speech and reaction after his selection and there is a brief account of the meeting by a local journalist here.

Meanwhile, Graeme Reid, Association Chairman, has made the following statement:

“I congratulate Spelthorne Conservatives for enduring the entire three-month long selection process without a single voice of dissent in public. Despite a gruelling campaign including atrocious weather conditions early in January, we achieved a magnificent turnout of over 400, with Party members outnumbered almost two to one.  It was a truly open primary. Literally at the very end Kwasi Kwarteng came on and captured the audience’s confidence. With Spelthorne Conservatives united behind him, he is sure to go on and inspire the rest of the electorate.”

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