Kwasi watches pantomime at Echelford

Kwasi spent an enjoyable evening at Echelford Primary School in Ashford, where he watched year 5 and 6 pupils put on a fantastic pantomime: Cinderella Rockerfella.

He was very impressed by the high standard of the performance and later commented:

"As I said to members of the audience, the show provided a refreshing contrast to the staid debate I had just come from in the House of Commons. Indeed, this points to the diversity of an MP's job. As an MP, one moment you have to consider your position on international affairs and how Britain should act on the global stage. Then, the next minute, you might be going to a primary school or a local event in your constituency, which feels removed from this. In many ways, this contrast illustrates the strength of our parliamentary system - the constituency link grounds MPs in the lives of real people outside Westminster."