NHS England 'evasive' of over-crowded surgery meeting

Spelthorne MP Kwasi Kwarteng has criticised NHS England for being "evasive" in its support for an over-crowded doctor’s surgery.

Sunbury Health Centre, which was designed for 6,000 patients, says it currently has a list closer to 19,000 and has estimated a practice population of 23,000 by 2017.

Patients resorted to queueing at 7am outside the Green Street surgery in December in order to book an appointment.

Plans have been mooted to expand the current site to alleviate patient pressure, but the health centre currently rents only 45% of the building with the other 55% being used by Virgin health care.

Mr Kwarteng said he first contacted NHS England in March last year in order to organise a meeting but had found them unresponsive for nearly a year.

“They were evasive,” he said. “This has been an ongoing issue for 15 months. I know politicians get a hard time and people think we are a waste of space, but we’ve been on top of this for a long time.

"Behind the scenes we have been trying to get something done to support the doctors, who have been saying for ages there has been a problem.

“It has been frustrating, The fact is I contacted them 10 months ago and only saw them in January.”....

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