Seasons Greetings

Article by Kwasi for the Surrey Advertiser

For many, Christmas is the time of year to reflect and take time out to join your community at a local carol service.

This year I was delighted to have been asked by St Mary’s Church in Sunbury to do a reading at their customary nine lessons and carols service.

St Mary’s, a beautiful church by the river in my constituency, duly instructed me to read from Isaiah, beginning at chapter 9, verse 2.

The Parish office was even so kind as to email me a copy of the entire reading. It started, “the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light”. Many people might think that this is what 2016 has been all about, with the Brexit vote in particular.

The most tragic event of 2016 may well be the fall of Aleppo. When terrible things take place in other parts of the world, we must surely be thankful for the relative peace and stability we enjoy at home.

Christmas is a magical time. The carol services that are being held across Spelthorne this week give everyone the opportunity to come together with one common purpose. We can all, in a world of such turbulence, spend a little time celebrating the festive season, as well as having a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves like the homeless here at home, or people facing the ravages of war abroad.

As far as the borough is concerned, I am really pleased to hear that the winter homeless shelter in Staines will be opening again in January until March, providing much needed respite for the homeless during our coldest months.

It’s certainly been a busy time and an eventful year. I wish everyone in the borough and further afield an excellent Christmas and a successful and happy new year.