War and Gold - Reviews

Following are links to reviews of  War and Gold and reports of interviews with Kwasi Kwarteng about his book.

New York Times 12/9/2014  Worth Its Weight ‘War and Gold,’ by Kwasi Kwarteng

BookTV /6/2014  BookTV review: War and Gold  

Forbes 30/6/2014  Book review: War and Gold  

Wall Street Journal  27/6/2014  Book review: War and Gold  (subscription required)

Townhall Finance  1/6/2014  Balancing the Budget and the Trade Deficit is Easy: Return to Gold Standard

Yahoo Finance - Daily Ticker 30/5/2014 Book review: War and Gold and interview 

Dallas Morning News 30/5/2014 Book review: War and Gold 

Trib Live 24/5/2014 Book review: War and Gold