Thank you for visiting my website. It's a great honour to stand as a candidate for Spelthorne in the 2015 General Election. Here you'll find my news, campaigns and views. I'm here to help, so please feel free to get in touch.



7th May- The General Election

2015 is a big year for Britain. The General Election on 7th May is the most important for a generation.

Just five years ago, we were on the brink of bankruptcy. Under Labour, the benefits bill soared and hardworking taxpayers were

There is so much happening in the Borough from week to week. We are very lucky to have so many active clubs and societies. Kwasi isn’t afraid of getting involved. He has always championed the unique heritage of the Borough and backed local voluntary organisations. Kwasi enjoys many aspects of

Kwasi understands that local enterprise and people create the wealth and jobs locally that we need. He regularly visits local businesses, supports tax reforms and campaigns to cut red tape. Unemployment in Spelthorne now stands at less than 1%. There are lots of self-starters in the Borough and

Kwasi has consistently opposed this development. He has questioned government ministers and led an adjournment debate in Parliament to highlight local opposition at a national level. He has always felt a duty to voice concerns about the encroachment onto Green Belt land and the potential impact

A message from Kwasi:

“Heathrow is strongly connected to the Borough. Around 4000 residents work at the airport and many more are employed in work related to it. While I support the airport whenever I can, I am very mindful that nothing should harm the quality of life here. Local

Local people are backing Kwasi Kwarteng to be our next MP. They want Kwasi to be the strong local voice that Spelthorne needs.

“Kwasi has always shown a keen


7th May- The General Election 2015 is a big year for Britain....
    Kwasi urged Surrey County Council to resurface...
Alongside residents and councillors, Kwasi campaigned against Surrey...

Jobs and Businesses

Kwasi has consistently argued for tax cuts to incentivise hard work and enable local business to grow. Unemployment in Spelthorne now stands at less than 1 %.

Supporting the community

Kwasi has always championed the unique heritage of our Borough and supported the thriving local voluntary sector. He supports local institutions such as the Spelthorne History Society, VAIS (Voluntary Action in Spelthorne) and the British Legion.

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