The Class of 2010 is reshaping the Tory party for the better

The new intake of MPs are pushing David Cameron towards a more robust, more appealing Conservatism, argues Tim Montgomerie.

Should David Cameron love or loathe the hard-core band of MPs who rarely miss an opportunity to vote against him in the Commons? Certainly, this group of "head-banging" malcontents finds little merit in any component of the Prime Minister's brand of Conservatism.

While he can ignore them for now, the nightmare is that these 20 or so MPs might hold the balance of power if Cameron is returned to Downing Street with a small Conservative majority. Holding his head in his hands, one adviser laments that the result could be the Major years all over again, with the Government constantly knocked off course – especially by arguments over Europe, the issue dearest to the hard-core Right.....

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