EU Referendum: Question Time

Kwasi will be holding a series of public Question and Answer meetings relating to the EU Referendum The Referendum: ‘Question Time’ With Kwasi On Friday 15th April, 7.30pm at Village Hall, Shepperton High Street On Friday 6th May, 7.30pm at St. Hilda’s Church Hall, Ashford. Ask him your questions on Europe A local forum for local people. 

Local roads

Kwasi urged Surrey County Council to resurface Clockhouse Lane and Charlton Road, and this has been done. Alongside local councillors, he petitioned Hounslow Borough against the implementation of a HGV parking ban along the A30 at the border of Spelthorne and Hounslow, a plan that would have led to displaced vehicles parking on our residential roads. They agreed to scrap the plan.  

Shepperton and the M3

Alongside residents and councillors, Kwasi campaigned against Surrey County Council’s proposal to introduce parking charges in Shepperton High Street. The plans, which would have been damaging to local trade and businesses, were successfully defeated.Kwasi is campaigning for a solution to the problems associated with M3 motorway noise. He is pressing the Highways Agency for a commitment to resurface the Shepperton stretch of the M3 with a lower noise material as soon as possible. 

Local Train Stations

Kwasi has been campaigning to implement a Smart Card ticketing system and extend the Oyster Card scheme to local train stations.

Sunbury Health Centre

Kwasi has been working with local councillors and GPs to secure more space to house patients and doctors in Sunbury. He met with NHS England to press for their help; they are being supportive and have now committed £75m to fund capital investment projects. Sunbury Health Centre is well positioned to secure a portion of this funding.

Gravel Extraction

Kwasi is opposed to gravel extraction at Manor Farm in Laleham and Watersplash Farm in Shepperton.Kwasi says: “I am supporting local Conservative councillors in objecting to any applications for development and I am voicing local concerns to the Government about protecting the Green Belt and local agricultural land.”

Local people are backing Kwasi

Local people are backing Kwasi Kwarteng to be our next MP. They want Kwasi to be the strong local voice that Spelthorne needs.


Heathrow is strongly connected to the Borough. Around 4000 residents work at the airport and many more are employed in work related to it. While I support the airport whenever I can, I am very mindful that nothing should harm the quality of life here.

Backing local business and entrepreneurs

Kwasi understands that local enterprise and people create the wealth and jobs locally that we need. He regularly visits local businesses, supports tax reforms and campaigns to cut red tape. Unemployment in Spelthorne now stands at less than 1%. There are lots of self-starters in the Borough and they have Kwasi’s backing. Kwasi launched the annual Spelthorne Business Plan Competition in 2013 to identify budding local entrepreneurs.Kwasi said:

Active in the Community

There is so much happening in the Borough from week to week. We are very lucky to have so many active clubs and societies. Kwasi isn’t afraid of getting involved. He has always championed the unique heritage of the Borough and backed local voluntary organisations. Kwasi enjoys many aspects of Spelthorne life. He supports the Spelthorne Natural History Society, Voluntary Action in Spelthorne and the Spelthorne Museum.