Clockhouse Lane

Last Friday, Kwasi visited Clockhouse Lane in Ashford, where local residents are concerned about the danger and vibration caused by HGVs travelling down this narrow road.

In an article for theĀ Staines and Ashford News, Kwasi commented:

As an MP, whilst you are focused on your own constituency, you often have to engage beyond that, with colleagues, councillors and civil servants in neighbouring places. That can be a challenge and inevitably, issues and problems arise from time to time.

One area of tension has been the connecting road: Clockhouse Lane in Ashford, which straddles both the London Borough of Hounslow and Spelthorne.

Within Spelthorne the road is residential, but on Hounslow's side there are no residential properties, and instead, alongside Princes' Water Ski Club, a number of industrial units.

For many years, residents have complained about the danger, noise and trembling caused by HGV's racing along the road. More than a decade ago, a 7.5 tonne weight restriction was imposed on its northbound length, within Spelthorne. But this hasn't solved the problem because ever since, Hounslow has refused to agree to a southbound restriction, arguing that this would damage business and negatively impact on their road network - they have their interests too.

As it stands, the stalemate persists, and whilst I support residents, alongside local councillors, we have little sway in Hounslow, so it won't be easy to find a solution. But, that's the nature of politics. And, in no way should we give up; there's always room for fresh ideas and negotiation.

Conversation between opposing groups is usually a good place to start, so I've been corresponding with Hounslow and am looking forward to arranging some face-to-face discussions.

Whilst, locally I've been meeting with residents, and plan to encourage collaboration between them, our Borough and County Council, because this will be essential in moving forward and finding a solution.