Send my Sister campaign

Kwasi met students at Bishop Wand School in Sunbury-on-Thmes to hear about their involvement in the Send my Sister Campaign (an initiative to help secure primary school education for girls in the developing world), and talk to them about the Government's commitment to foreign aid.

Clockhouse Lane

Last Friday, Kwasi visited Clockhouse Lane in Ashford, where local residents are concerned about the danger and vibration caused by HGVs travelling down this narrow road.

Visting Heathrow Airport

Together with other members of the House of Commons' Transport Select Committee, Kwasi visited Heathrow Airport.

The Royal Wedding in Spelthorne

After watching the Royal Wedding with some friends, Kwasi attended street parties in Spelthorne, including this one in Rosefield Road in Staines.

Kwasi watches pantomime at Echelford

Kwasi spent an enjoyable evening at Echelford Primary School in Ashford, where he watched year 5 and 6 pupils put on a fantastic pantomime: Cinderella Rockerfella.

No 2 AV Debate

In the run up to the AV Referendum on May 5, Kwasi has travelled around the country as one of Downing Street's appointed champions for the No to AV campaign. Last week, he took part in a debate on the issue at St Peter's Church, Staines, against Serge Laurie, the former leader of Richmond Borough Council, who spoke in favour of AV.