Kwasi Kwarteng - Ghosts of Empire

The British Empire was the creation of a tremendous outpouring of energy and opportunism, when the British were at their most self-confident, and the wealth they gathered was prodigious. At its heart lay a sense of the rectitude of the British way of life, meted out to vast swathes of the rest of the world without let or hindrance.

Send my Sister campaign

Kwasi met students at Bishop Wand School in Sunbury-on-Thmes to hear about their involvement in the Send my Sister Campaign (an initiative to help secure primary school education for girls in the developing world), and talk to them about the Government's commitment to foreign aid.

Clockhouse Lane

Last Friday, Kwasi visited Clockhouse Lane in Ashford, where local residents are concerned about the danger and vibration caused by HGVs travelling down this narrow road.