Heathrow or Gatwick? MPs clash over South East airport expansion

Spelthorne MP Kwasi Kwarteng and Twickenham MP Tania Mathias, both Conservatives, clash over airport expansion in South East England on All Out Politics with Adam Boulton. This debate happened shortly before Heathrow was confirmed for a third runway by the Government.

Theresa May has triumphed by knowing what makes grassroots Tories tick

Many people know former Conservative Prime Minister Arthur Balfour’s arrogant remark that he would rather listen to the views of his valet than those of the Conservative Partyconference. By contrast, Margaret Thatcher relished the yearly ritual of conference.

London is not always a Labour city

Kwasi Kwarteng: Sadiq Khan triumphs for now but London is not always a Labour city - Evening Standard 17/5/2016Political fortunes are like the financial markets — whatever the prevailing mood, nothing stays the same for ever

Voting to stay? Then prepare to obey EU's every whim

Dear Mr Gove, If you want us to be like Albania, YOU'RE AN ASS: Still deciding on Brexit? Two brilliant voices give you the Ins and Outs Mail Online 24/4/2016The 2nd brilliant voice is Kwasi Kwarteng giving an Out prespective  

Is the “UK Settlement” an EU Fresh Start?

Statement from supporters of the Fresh Start Project.It is widely accepted that the EU requires fundamental reform. Such reform is necessary, not only to realign the EU project with UK interests and public opinion, but also to show that it can adapt to new times and work better for Europe as a whole.This is why we initiated the Fresh Start Project in 2011.